Premium Sweet Sense papayas cultivated in the Spanish Islands are now on sale in Germany and Austria

SanLucar has introduced papayas grown in the Canary Islands to its expanding range of fresh produce. Consumers in Germany and Austria can now buy tree-ripened Sweet Sense papayas, characterised by their natural sweetness, juicy and firm orange flesh and distinctive aromatic flavour, reminiscent of mango and orange with a hint of melon.

SanLucar papayas A

With temperatures ranging between 18oC and 28oC, the Canary Islands have an ideal subtropical climate to grow high quality papayas all year round. The high humidity and warm temperatures combined with the fertile soils of the islands also contribute to the fruit’s particular sweetness ­– always above 11o Brix ­– and ensure an abundant harvest.

Sweet Sense papayas are medium-sized, ranging between 800-1,100g in weight and with a diameter of 23cm. The peel is initially green and turns greenish yellow after a ripening period on the tree of about 10-12 months, depending on the variety.

The islands’ sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation methods are fully compliant with GlobalGAP, GRASP, IFS and Canarian Integrated Production certifications. Furthermore, the delivery route within Europe shorter than papayas coming from Latin America. The papayas are also available in SanLucar boxes of 4kg.

“At SanLucar, we are proud of having found a cultivation partner in the Canary Islands that has been specialising in the exotics sector for years: the family-owned company SAT Fruta Tropical,” said SanLucar CEO Armin Rehberg.

“Our papayas incarnate the essence of the tropics, and we are delighted to share this exceptional fruit experience with our valued clients. We will support the product launch with many promotions and secondary placements. Let yourselves be surprised.”