SanLucar smart fridge A

SanLucar has been awarded the EHI Retail Institute reta prize for Best AI & Robotics for its Fresh Cut Refrigerator.

The smart fridge, which was developed with digital company Barcotec, collects real-time information about the condition of the goods to minimise overproduction and cut food waste.

It uses special scanners based on micro-chip technology to register every time something is taken out and every time something is put back in the fridge and record and control the quantity as well as the expiration dates of the products.

The data is transmitted to SanLucar’s Austrian headquarters in Vienna, enabling on-demand product planning which can reduce food waste.

The fridge allows a precise analysis of which type of product is most popular on which days, as well a revealing in which regions certain products are in high demand, and therefore enables further optimisation of the product range.

The automated system also frees up store employees to focus on other tasks instead of constantly checking the best-before dates.

Alexander Thaller, managing director of SanLucar Austria, said the company was looking for a solution to prevent food waste and fulfil its philosophy “to provide all people with the most natural, fresh and tastiest fruit and vegetables and in a way we can be proud of”.