SanLucar Disney Red

SanLucar’s latest promotional tie-in with Disney-Pixar will feature new film Red, about teenage girl Mei Lee who turns into a big red panda whenever she gets embarrassed.

From 11 March, the film’s release date on Disney+, characters from the movie will feature on SanLucar packaging ad in-store POS and marketing material in Germany and Austria.

The focus of the promotional campaign will be a competition to win a trip for four people to Valencia and taste citrus grown by SanLucar master grower, the Llusar family.

'We love these encounters with our customers. In Spain, they can experience a little of the passion and sustainability with which we grow our fruits and vegetables,' said Nuria Pizán, brand and creative director at SanLucar.

The company hopes the presence of the friendly 'Red' characters on strawberries and other SanLucar fruits will awaken joy and interest in a balanced diet.

“For years, SanLucar has been expanding its commitment to good nutrition for children. Because as studies have shown, a wholesome diet at a young age lays the foundation for a healthy life,” it said.