Yukon International and PicoGro are looking to set the standard in what is an appealing category for the foodservice industry in particular

The subject of edible flowers as part of the South African export basket is unlikely to set bells ringing. However, two South African companies have said they are frontrunners in ensuring continuous access to edible flowers throughout the year,

Edible flowers South Africa Yukon PicoGro

With people increasingly looking for something new which is also picture perfect, plant-based foods are gaining ground.

“What better way to combine this trend with edible flowers,” said Hans Christiaan Muylaert-Gelein, managing director of Yukon International.

“Chefs all around the globe are well versed in incorporating edible flowers, micro greens and speciality leaves in various sweet or savoury meals and even cocktails, targeting taste, look and a memorable dining experience.”

However, he noted, finding a trustworthy, consistent supply can be daunting.

“Yukon International in partnership with PicoGro, can supply top quality, year-round, whether you are looking to supply in retail, directly to top chefs, cruise ships, wholesale, or anywhere else.”

Muylaert-Gelein said Yukon ”was not just another exporter”.

“We offer hands-on assistance, ensuring every detail relevant to these luxury products is meticulously handled,” he confirmed.

“This attention to detail and specialised customer service is also practiced at our grower, PicoGro. They cultivate over 100 varieties of edible flowers, micro greens and speciality leaves.

”These products are grown under protection, sustainably picked by hand and packed specifically to each customer’s requirements.”

By exploring new varieties, incorporating smart techniques, and embracing challenges, both PicoGro and Yukon thrive on innovation, he said.

“Yukon has excellent airfreight logistics with a personal approach. Clients are personally guided and assisted to ensure that specific requirements are met.

”With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our proven process ensures timely delivery of individual orders at desired destinations,” Muylaert-Gelein added. ”We have daily international flights to deliver the freshest basket of specific products.”