Chef Maestro

Chef Maestro, the distributor of fresh produce to the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, has launched a new fruit and veg box to help restaurants preparing to reopen after the coronavirus pandemic.

The company has signed up to the #AlaPrimeraInvitoYo (I’ll get the first one) initiative, an online platform where suppliers can provide basic products like potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic and fruit available to help SMEs get back on their feet as they emerge from the lockdown.

By registering and selecting the province where their business is located, users can then choose the produce they require and it will be delivered to their establishment.

Chef Maestro said it would serve the provinces of Alicante, Madrid, La Coruña and Pontevedra.

“The company has collaborated with a number of solidarity initiatives during the Covid-19 crisis, including supplying produce to health workers employed at the IFEMA field hospital in Madrid, or distributing food to people in need in Pontevedra.

“By taking part in #AlaPrimeraInvitoYo, we would like to encourage other companies to sign up to this free platform and join other brands in facilitating the return to work of the horeca sector, which has suffered so much during this turbulent period,” the company said.