GEN lemons Pixabay

Following a record season last year, Spanish lemon volumes are expected to return to normal, with a total crop of 1.11m forecast for 2019/20, according to Spanish lemon association Ailimpo, confirming predictions made back in June.

A global decrease of 15 per cent is anticipated, with volumes of varieties Fino and Verna predicted to fall by 11 per cent and 24 per cent respectively.

The Fino Lemon season has just commenced and will enter full swing during October, with good quality and good sizes expected, according to Ailimpo.

“With these figures for the 2019/2020 campaign, Spain will continue to consolidate its commercial position in Europe, maintaining unquestionable leadership with quality lemons and excellent service,” Ailimpo stated. “Spain will also continue to be present in third countries such as Canada, the US and the Middle East, among others.”

Key this season, the association revealed, would be accreditation of GlobalGAP and Grasp certifications, involvement in sustainability programmes and the use of standard contracts approved by the Ministry of Agriculture to comply with Law 12/2013 on measures to improve the functioning of the food chain.

According to Ailimpo, approximately 20-25 per cent of the lemon crop is expected to go to processing, in which Spain ranks second globally.