Sunkist When Life Gives You Lemons virtual show

Sunkist Growers recently announced the introduction of a new virtual talk show for the Canadian market, 'When Life Gives You Lemons'.

Hosted by television and online personality Deepa Prashad, the three-part series is scheduled to launch today (5 May) at 5 pm EDT.

The Instagram Live episodes will feature recipes and mood-boosting tips using California-grown Sunkist citrus, with each episode featuring a different guest.

'At Sunkist, we have an old saying, 'When life gives you lemons, make something sweet,'' said Christina Ward, director of global brand marketing. 'Many seem to be adopting this mindset, as we've seen an influx of consumers cooking at home and trying new things.

'We developed the new virtual talk show to bring people together, sharing ways to freshen up pantry staples, offer ideas on how to use the whole fruit, and expert tips on how to photograph citrus like a pro.'

According to Nielsen Canada, baking ranks at the top of department growth across grocery stores in Canada, while fruit sales are also up in the country.

With pantry staples on hand, the new virtual talk show brings at-home inspiration to consumers, combining these two recent trends at retail.