US-headquartered Terra Exports has launched its first private label, Avolicious.

Supported by vibrant purple packaging, the brand is being used to market avocados in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US.

Kevin Thron, sourcing and procurement manager at Terra Exports, said Avolicious has been well received by customers since its launch one month ago.

“Customers have shared that it’s a fun and lively box that is easy to spot and easy to love – a high-quality product at a competitive price,” Thron said.

Terra Exports chief executive, Nils Goldschmidt, said the brand’s concept came out of a team meeting. Nils encouraged his team to be as creative as possible.

“This is a huge step for our entire team with many years in the making,” Nils explained. “I’m beyond proud of everyone at Terra Exports for this achievement.”