Marlene apples arrive in Thailand

Italian ambassador Lorenzo Galanti (pictured third from right) witnesses the arrival of Italy's first apple exports to Thailand

The first commercial shipment of Italian apples to Thailand has arrived in the country, marking the latest step in a process of significant expansion for Italy’s fruit export business in Asia.

The consignment of Marlene-branded apples was welcomed by representatives from the Italian embassy in Thailand, including ambassador Lorenzo Galanti, on its arrival at CityFresh Fruit Center, a distribution facility located on the outskirts of northern Bangkok.

Italy’s apple exporters gained access to Thailand in April 2020, a breakthrough which followed a similar opening of the Vietnamese market and the subsequent arrival of the first ever shipment to that country just a month earlier.

Since then, Taiwan has also opened its doors to Italian apples, bringing to three the number of new markets available to exporters in the 2020/21 season.

The trio of successes in Asia has been heralded as a triumph of team collaboration, with the involvement of several different groups – including embassies, government and export promoter Ice, as well as industry groups Assomela and CSO Italy – seen as key.

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