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Spanish, French and Italian tomato growers have joined forces to complain about Moroccan imports "ruining the market", reports Spanish fresh produce federation Fepex.

A group of European tomato producers met in Paris this week to appeal to the European Commission to tighten border controls, arguing that what they perceive as an influx of low-price Moroccan tomatoes is causing a "severe crisis" in the market.

In November, tomato prices reportedly reached a record low of €36 per 100kg, placing further pressure on production regions in Spain, for example, where tomato growing is one of the main contributors to the local economy and where the unemployment rate is currently at 35 per cent.

To address the situation, the multinational group has launched a joint proposal outlining how they believe European fruit and vegetable policy should be revised, in the process rejecting the Commission’s proposal.

Instead, the group's objective is to increase their competitiveness in order to avoid being forced out of the market by non-EU member states.

The group includes members of France’s AOPN, Italian group Fedagri and Fepex.