TOMRA Insight

Belgium-based Tomra Food, a leading designer and manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions for the food industry, has joined over 200 companies as the newest member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

According to the group, connecting with WBCSD’s network of forward-thinking businesses across a variety of sectors will enable Tomra to continue to enhance and implement its sustainability ambitions in collaboration with like-minded partners.

“To achieve a sustainable future for the food industry, governments, corporates and consumers alike, must change the way in which we produce and handle food – from farm to fork,' said Michel Picandet, executive vice-president and head of Tomra Food. 'By 2050, food demand will increase by 50 per cent, so meeting these challenges is vital to ensure food sector sustainability for future generations.

'At Tomra Food, we’re committed to leading the resource revolution through our technology, helping improve yields, reduce food waste and use our food resources more efficiently – three key factors in food sustainability,' Picandet noted. 'Tomra is already a member of The Alliance to End PlasticWaste, and now Tomra Food is taking the partnership with WBSCD one step further to make the future of food sustainable.

'We are proud to be joining the prestigious list of companies and institutions that make up the WBCSD,' he added. 'We expect to learn, to be challenged, and to contribute to solutions for a more healthy planet for healthy people.”

WBCSD president and CEO Peter Bakker Welcomed Tomra as thenewest member of its FReSH project.

'Their expertise and know-how in food sorting and peeling but also in combating food loss and waste will be beneficial to our organisation and other like-minded companies,' Bakker added. 'We congratulate Tomra Food for taking an active role in shaping the future to achieve our goal of a healthy planet for healthy people.”