MX_Triple H truck

Triple H is planning to further develop its direct sales to the US and Canada for a range of associated growers, having stepped back from its role as a producer.

The Sinaloa-based firm decided to reinvent itself as a marketer in 2012 in a move that has increased its volume.

At the same time, Triple H says it has focused on developing its client base at national and international levels.

“As well as having increased our volume globally, we have also increased the proportion of sales that go directly to supermarket chains in the US – this has also provided the impetus for us to strengthen our quality and service standards,” a Triple H spokesperson told Americafruit.

The company counts on a strong presence in Mexico and the US, but is now looking to increase its global profile by “exploring and evaluating different markets”.

To date, it has developed commercial projects in South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania to study conditions.

However, Triple H stresses that North America remains its primary focus, emphasising that it believes there are still possibilities for development.

But the firm points out that supply to North America must offer greater quality, consistency and compliance with food safety and ethical trading standards.