Honduras flag

The US and Honduras have signed an agreement to support agricultural development and trade in the Central American country.

Through the Food for Progress Programme, the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service will provide the government of Honduras with 30,000 tonnes of corn and 18,000 tonnes of soybean meal, valued at around US$17m. The Honduran government will use proceeds from the sale of the commodities to implement projects aimed at improving agricultural productivity, enhancing farmers’ access to information and market skills, building government capacity and strengthening local, regional and international trade in agricultural products.

“The Food for Progress Programme is a cornerstone in USDA efforts to support sustainable agricultural production in developing nations and promote agricultural trade,” said deputy agriculture secretary Krysta Harden. “The Obama administration remains committed to investing in the creation of economic stability and opportunity in Central America.”

The projects supported by the new agreement will focus on the creation of jobs and income opportunities for some of Honduras’ most vulnerable citizens. The beneficiaries will include small farmers, as well as small businesses and producer organisations, particularly those that support rural women and youth.