AgroFresh VitaFresh Botanicals

As demand for vegan products continue to grow, AgroFresh Solutions has announced that it has obtained vegan certification for its VitaFresh Botanicals plant-based, edible coatings.

The V-label certification from the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) provides a guarantee of quality, reliability, and safety for consumers by certifying that products do not contain components of animal origin.

The new certification applies to the VitaFresh Botanicals Life and VitaFresh Botanicals SoftFruit coatings, which are applicable for a wide variety of crops from citrus to avocados to stone fruit.

VitaFresh Botanicals Life and VitaFresh Botanicals SoftFruit are plant-based, edible coatings. They use water retention technology to boost the skin’s natural protection, creating a “double skin” membrane that reduces dehydration, maintains weight and locks in produce freshness throughout the supply chain.

They are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management system standards.

These solutions offer greater efficiency, helping to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of fruits while reducing food loss and waste, ultimately helping provide greater freshness and quality to consumers.