AgroFresh Freshcloud

Agrofresh Solutions has announced that Westfalia Fruit will utilise FreshCloud at its US operation, as it looks to transform its quality management systems to support 'the largest avocado-growing footprint in the world'.

FreshCloud Quality Inspection is Agrofresh’s proprietary cloud-based platform that digitises the formerly manual quality control process by capturing, organising, and analysing quality metrics in real time.

With all necessary inspections and actions conducted on mobile devices, FreshCloud will allow Westfalia to track and scorecard the quality metrics of its avocados instantly, streamlining and providing complete visibility to the fruit-quality inspection process.

Ultimately this will help Westfalia reduce food waste by lowering rejections and improving the consistency of the avocados that flow through Westfalia’s site.

“At Agrofresh, we’re honoured to be collaborating with global leaders like the team at Westfalia Fruit to put a truly innovative and powerful agriculture technology solution directly to work,” said Kim Bui, global head of FreshCloud for Agrofresh. “FreshCloud Quality Inspection provides transparency and collaboration from field to market, while moving quality-control (QC) inspection to the digital age.

'Our platform combines AI and digital insights to help our customers to make real-time decisions to reduce food waste, manage supply chain challenges and ultimately deliver the highest quality and sustainable produce to the world’s markets,' Bui outlined.

“We are proud to work together with a company that puts the importance of sustainability at the forefront of their work, just as we do at Westfalia Fruit”, said Ryan Larkan, director of food safety and compliance at Westfalia Fruit USA. “Our alignment with Agrofresh and the implementation of FreshCloud into our operation shows the industry at large our dedication to providing the highest quality product to our consumers.”