Vertical farming specialists join forces to provide growers with customised lighting solutions

=Both companies will install customised mounting solutions to facilitate simple maintenance.

The companies will offer tailored lighting solutions to vertical farmers across the globe

Horticultural lighting specialist Bloemteknik has partnered with vertical farming tech firm Ecopromt to offer tailored lighting solutions to vertical farmers worldwide.

The two companies say they will leverage their respective expertise to provide growers with customised lighting, tailored to their unique objectives, crop requirements and infrastructure.

Anders Wennerbäck is CEO of Ecoprompt, which specialises in the design and construction of vertical farms.

He said: “By integrating Bloem’s Align platform with Ecopromt’s vertical farm innovation, we are poised to revolutionise the way crops are grown in vertical farms, making controlled environment agriculture more efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly.”

Bloem’s Align platform allows growers to tailor every aspect of their lighting solution. This includes:

  • Customised spectra according to specific crop variety
  • Tailored PPFD tuned to the producer’s cultivation strategy
  • Fixture dimension and system configuration customised to each grower’s multi-layer, gutter and cart.
  • Bespoke optical design to optimise intensity and colour uniformity within the specified headspace.
  • AC & DC electrical configurations to align with the grower’s preferred power supply infrastructure.
  • Customised mounting solutions to accelerate installation and facilitate simple maintenance.

Co-founder and CEO of Bloem, James Fleet, said: “Our partnership with Ecopromt marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing controlled environment agriculture through innovative lighting solutions.

“By combining our expertise in horticultural lighting with Ecopromt’s design and build innovation, we aim to empower vertical farm operators with the tools they need to enhance crop quality, increase yields, whilst optimising cost-of-ownership.”