New creation puts the green veg in front of a wide audience of cocktail fans

Tenderstem broccoli is getting a PR boost this month thanks to its appearance in a new cocktail.

The Broctail by Jack Sotti, made with Tenderstem

The Broctail by Jack Sotti, made with Tenderstem

London cocktail guru and Sunday Brunch mixologist Jack Sotti has swapped the classic olive for Tenderstem on Instagram in a creation he’s dubbed ‘The Broctail’.

Sotti has put his own spin on the green cocktails trend, mixing blanched florets of Tenderstem which have been boiled in water, then shaken with tequila, lime juice, olive oil, sugar syrup and ice, to create a twist on the traditional margarita.

The post has attracted over 20,000 views so far, and apparently divided the nation. Follower @paigehprior vowed to try it straight away, declaring: “I’m so intrigued – going to have to try this”. Another, @dxnfox, added: “Think you’re onto something here!!”

Others were left baffled by the bizarre cocktail. @_EmilyDevine_ said: “When you said blitz the broccoli…I’m out, I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.

@caitlananderson_ is clearly not a fan, posting: “No wtf!?!? Tenderstem on my Sunday dinner but in my cocktail??!”

Created just in time for December drinks, ’The Broctail’ (ABV 18 per cent) pairs the tang of tequila with the sweet and nutty flavour profile of Tenderstem broccoli, which is then balanced with citrus, salt, and the aromas of extra virgin olive oil.

People can make the drink themselves or buy it throughout December at Sotti’s Camden bar, Ester.

Sotti holds 19 bartending awards from all over the world, including being listed within Bartender Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Bartenders three years in a row.

He said: “Christmas cocktails can get a bit ‘samey’ with choices limited to cinnamon, mulled wine and eggnog. It was time for something fresh to shake things up this Christmas, and what better than this tender twist on a familiar favourite.

“When in my bar, I’m able to get creative with my concoctions. I eat Tenderstem on a regular basis and thanks to its versatile flavour profile, along with it being sweet but nutty, I thought it would be the perfect centre piece for a new cocktail.”