With the help of supplier Vog and importer Worldwide Fruit, the retailers says it sees good potential for the variety to boost apple sales

RedPop promotion in a Waitrose store

Shoppers get the chance to sample RedPop in a Waitrose store

Waitrose has renewed its support for RedPop, a small and sweet variety which it believes has the potential to shake up the apple category and offer shoppers something unique.

“We are very satisfied with the choice of RedPop,” says topfruit buyer Jordan Halifax. “Not only is it the perfect apple for our consumers seeking an extraordinary snack to take anywhere, but it’s also an element that stands out in the stores and demonstrates that we are able to reach a wide range of consumers with a lively and attractive presentation.”

RedPop has won over the UK market with its “delightful sweetness,” says Hannah McIlfatrick, commercial director at importer Worldwide Fruit. “We are proud to be part of this success, and we are convinced that RedPop will continue to grow in the future as it has already captured the hearts of our consumers.”

Last year, RedPop featured prominently on Waitrose’s shelves, and stood out from the rest of the category thanks to its bright red, cardboard packs.

According to Italian company Vog, which sells the branded variety, British consumers were won over not only by its firmness, sweetness and convenient size, but also by its fresh, colourful and engaging brand identity.

Crucially, this seems to have attracted new shoppers into the store and won particular favour with the youngest consumers.

“Our partnership with Waitrose is a wonderful success story,” confirms Vog sales manager Klaus Hölzl. “We’ve brought a splash of colour onto the fruit and vegetable shelves and created an attractive offering even outside the co-branding arrangements. The results speak for themselves: this great little rebel has a very dynamic turnover and demand is amazing.”

This month, RedPop is ready to give a repeat performance, as sales activity intensifies and availability increases. The campaign is set to continue until August/September.

RedPop apples packaging

RedPop’s distinctive packaging has made a big impact in stores