Capespan PristinePure glass filtration product

The PristinePure filtration product

South African fresh produce giant Capespan has started using a new glass filtration product to replace sand in its water filtration systems and make its fruit production more environmentally friendly.

The company said the new high-tech filtration media, known as Pristinepure, is produced from virgin recycled glass using “advanced manufacturing technology”.

The glass serves as a substitute for sand in the water filtration systems on farms, offering sustainability benefits. According to Capespan early tests indicate the product can reduce water waste and energy consumption.

The international supplier, which has its headquarters in South Africa’s Western Cape, supplies grapes, citrus and topfruit to retailers in the UK and internationally. Its production base spans the world with major operations in South Africa, Namibia, Peru, Chile, India, Egypt and Spain.

“The lifespan of the product is the same as that of the filter and therefore does not need to be replaced, as is the case with sand, after a few years”, said Capespan’s head of grapes Dan Coetzee.

A spokesperson for the supplier added: “The product is not only good for business, but great for humanity. As a marketer of fresh fruit to international retailers, we accept the responsibility as a brand to drive sustainable practices that protects the environment and encourages consumers to be part of something bigger.

“We are excited about the prospects of the product and how it can add value to our offering to our customers.”

Planning for the upcoming Southern Hemisphere grape season is well under way for Capespan, with the supplier saying that “so far, it looks like all factors are coming into play to produce a good season”.