World’s largest berry company formally agrees terms to buy Berry Gardens Limited, the sales, packaging and distribution arm of Berry Gardens Growers Limited

The two companies have a long-standing relationship, with Berry Gardens marketing Driscoll's varieties in Britain for more than 20 years

Berry Gardens has been growing, distributing and marketing Driscoll’s varieties in Britain for more than 20 years

US soft fruit giant Driscoll’s has formally agreed terms for the purchase of Berry Gardens’ commerial desk, Berry Gardens Limited, bringing together two major players in the berry business.

Driscoll’s is the world’s largest berry company, accounting for a significant proportion of global soft fruit sales, while Berry Gardens is the UK’s biggest berry grower co-operative.

Berry Gardens Limited (BGL) is the sales, packaging and distribution entity of Berry Gardens Growers Limited (BGG).

In a statement, Berry Gardens said: “Driscoll’s – the global market leader of fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries – and Berry Gardens Growers Limited (BGG) – the UK’s largest berry grower co-operative – formally agreed on the terms for the purchase of Berry Gardens Limited (BGL), the sales, packaging and distribution entity of Berry Gardens Growers Limited (BGG).

“Berry Gardens has grown, distributed and marketed Driscoll’s varieties on an exclusive basis in the UK for more than 20 years. The sale of the commercial desk to Driscoll’s is the latest development in the long-standing relationship between the two businesses.”

In a letter to growers, seen by FPJ, Russell Allwell, CEO of Driscoll’s of EMEA, and Robin Walker, chairman of the Berry Gardens Growers Cooperative, added: “This news isn’t just good for our UK operations, we believe it will be good for Driscoll’s across the whole of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, including for our growers.

“This acquisition will strengthen our ability to sell European fruit in the UK, so providing you with greater access to this important market.

”It will also provide a new venue to mutually expand our capabilities in many grower-related topics such as innovative growing practices, optimisation of the genetic potential of our varieties, and efficiency gains in areas like labour, water, and pest management.

”As a valued grower, I’m sure you will join me in welcoming all 43 British growers to Driscoll’s.”