Today, (30 June), marks the start of the 2021 British cherry harvest, with growers expecting 5,500 tonnes of home-grown British cherries to hit supermarket shelves this summer.

The figures are from Love Fresh Cherries, Britain’s largest representative trade body for British cherries in the UK.

Shoppers will be able to buy British cherries in stores from this week, building to the main peak of the harvest from early July through to August.

With UK growers producing cherries across the country including in Kent, Staffordshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire and Essex, the industry, via Love Fresh Cherries, is predicting another year of good availability for consumers.

Matt Hancock, Love Fresh Cherries spokesperson, said, “Cherries are one of the UK’s most-loved quintessential English fruits for good reason.

“Not only do they taste delicious, but cherries are also packed with a whole host of health benefits that can aid better sleep and exercise recovery, all the way through to menopause.

At a time when staying healthy continues to be a high priority for us all, It’s no wonder around 20 million kg of cherries were enjoyed across the country last year.

“With all signs showing another strong UK cherry season, people across the country will be able to enjoy big and juicy British home-grown cherries at their peak all the way through to September.”

Favourable conditions over the winter months, is leading growers to anticipate another high-quality crop, with an abundance of large and juicy fruit across most varieties.

Late season fruit will come from Hereford and Scotland, meaning good availability of UK cherries for shoppers, all the way through to late September.