‘I love fruit and veg from Europe’ campaign to boost EU exports to the UK launches in Britain this month


The campaign launches in June

The campaign launches in June

Image: i love Fruit & Veg from Europe

Fruit and vegetable growers in the EU are reaching out to UK importers, distributors, foodservice, retailers and consumers with a ”remind and reassure” campaign to strengthen European fresh produce exports to the UK. 

‘I love fruit & veg from Europe’ launches in the UK this month, co-funded by the European Union, with a dedicated website at the heart of the campaign.

Aimed at industry leaders and influencers, importers, retailers, hotels, restaurants, caterers, chefs and consumers, the campaign is led by five Italian organisations: O.P. A.O.A. of Scafati (Salerno), O.P. La Deliziosa, The O.P Terra Orti, Assofruit and Pignataro, along with support from more than 600 European producers and growers. 

Emilio Ferrara, director of Terra Orti, the leader of the promoting organisations, said: “‘I love fruit & veg from Europe’ is designed to promote and encourage the purchase and consumption of European fruit and vegetables, namely fresh fruit and vegetables, and organic, including certified quality labels (PDO/PGI) already recognised in the UK, and the benefits these bring, in terms of freshness, sustainability and quality – and of course variety and versatility.”

The website has a wealth of information about the different fruit and vegetables Europe produces, and their nutritional and health benefits, plus further information on the positive environmental impact of the EU’s agricultural policy, and tasty recipes to inspire choice, he added.

The campaign comes at a time when UK food businesses and consumers are worried about possible supply disruptions as a result of the war in Ukraine, as well as rising food, fuel and energy prices, and is designed to reassure the UK market of the reliability and trustworthiness of European volumes.

“Food safety and the quality of food products have always been of utmost importance to Italy and the rest of the European Union,” Ferrara added, “and in these worrying times our campaign offers that assurance to UK consumers, importers, retailers and caterers.”

According to the campaign organisers, in 2021, the total imports of fruit and vegetables imported to the UK amounted to 5.6 million tonnes, a slight decrease compared to 2020. With 50.2 per cent of these imports coming from the EU – as well as imports from non-EU countries including 7.6 per cent from South Africa, 5 per cent from Morocco, 4.1 per cent from Peru, 2.8 from Egypt, 2.7 per cent from Chile and, subsequently, from Brazil, Turkey and United States.

Within the UK it is expected that the trend towards EU imports for both and fruit and vegetables will increase again to more than €4 billion by 2022 and in the following years (2023-2025), the campaign organisers said.