Lily Soutter British pears

Nutritionist Lily Soutter

British Apples and Pears has teamed up with leading nutritionist Lily Soutter to promote pears to expectant parents.

Pears’ low-calorie, high-nutritional-value and easily-digested qualities make them the ideal snack for pregnant women and a great fruit to try in the early stages of weaning babies, according to Soutter.

“Pears are a tasty way for pregnant women to consume vital nutrients such as potassium, folate, vitamin C and vitamin K,” she said. “Pears also provide an array of antioxidants which lie within its skin. Pears are also an excellent source of dietary fibre, with just one pear providing 20 per cent of our daily fibre requirement. Fibre is crucial for digestive health, which is often sluggish during pregnancy.”

When introducing your baby to solids, pears are a great fruit to try in the early stages, she added. “Many anecdotal reports suggest that pears are generally well digested and tolerated. It's important to peel the pear for a young baby, and if it’s ripe enough, you can also steam it for a few minutes to soften the fruit.”

Ali Capper, executive chair of British Apples and Pears said: “Britain has the perfect climate to grow delicious pears, which are readily available in supermarkets across the UK, all year round. There has never been a more important time to incorporate healthy foods into our diets, and this is especially important for pregnant women who need to closely monitor the foods they consume for their own health and for their baby’s.”