Two tech firms have joined forces to help cut convenience-store-customer grocery-bills and reduce food waste

A trial between home delivery app, Snappy Shopper, and digital reduced-to-clear-food platform, Gander, has helped deliver value to convenience store customers in Scotland.

Gander app in hands with discounted products

Gander notifies shoppers of reduced-to-clear fresh food in grocery stores

Gander and Snappy Shopper teamed up with five Spar Scotland convenience stores to launch the initiative in April last year.

Customers using the Snappy Shopper app were able to purchase Spar Scotland reduced-to-clear food items via Gander for delivery as part of their normal shop.

During the trial, participating stores reduced food waste while offering customers the opportunity to buy a selection of fresh food at reduced prices, the firms said.

Snappy Shopper now plans to roll out this initiative across its network of UK convenience store partners.

Mike Callachan, founder & chief executive of Snappy Shopper, said: “We are thrilled to see the remarkable outcomes of this ground-breaking integration between Gander and Snappy Shopper.

“By seamlessly integrating Gander’s platform into the Snappy Shopper app, we have empowered our customers to make more informed choices while simultaneously supporting our retail partners in their sustainability efforts.”

He continued: “We look forward to further expanding this initiative across our network of retail partners, driving positive change and delivering unparalleled value to both shoppers and stores alike.”

Damien Corcoran, chief operating officer at Gander, added: “Bringing two tech disruptors together for the benefit of retailers and their customers not only drives more sales into stores, but also reduces food waste.

“As shoppers continue to feel the financial pinch, giving them more visibility and access to reduced-to-clear food, whilst diverting perfectly good food away from waste, just makes sense.” 

Launched in 2017, Snappy Shopper enables local convenience grocery businesses to supply to their customers online. In addition to independent retailers, it serves most of the major convenience chains, including Spar, Nisa, Premier and Booker.

Gander launched in 2019 to reduce retailers’ food waste and help shoppers cut food bills.

To date, Gander says it has helped hundreds of retailers in the UK and Australia to successfully reduce their food waste, improve their bottom line, enhance their sustainability credentials and is saving millions of food items from going to waste.