Supplier has been promoting blueberries and cream in strong summer for the fruit

The British blueberry season is flourishing this year, according to Hall Hunter.

The UK grower pointed out that some 6,000 tonnes of British blueberries are hitting supermarket shelves this season, reflecting a boom in consumer demand.

The company is encouraging the nation to try a twist on a summer classic in the shape of blueberries and cream, which it sampled outside Wimbedon in the hope of it becoming a court-side favourite in future. 

Unfavourable weather at the beginning of the berry season led to challenges in availability, with Hall Hunter noting that strawberries suffered a 17 per cent decrease compared to the previous year, while blueberries were only down by two per cent.

However as conditions improved, a bumper blueberry crop has emerged, the supplier said, and thanks to a sunny June they taste ”sweeter than ever due to the warm conditions boosting their natural sugar content”.

Managing partner Harry Hall said: “We are delighted to announce that this season has been remarkable for British blueberries, surpassing our previous growing records and proving to be our sweetest and largest crop yet.”