Save Our Soils

Soil health rules have been updated in the new Standard

Global environmental assurance system LEAF Marque has announced a new version of its Standard will come into effect on 1 January 2020.

Version 15.0will feature developments in four key areas: soil health, biodiversity, community engagement and animal husbandry.

LEAF said the updates have been made to strengthen the marque’s global relevance, reflect different production systems, ensure consistency in language, and put a greater emphasis on continual improvement and efficiency.

The new Standard was initially published on 1October following a two-year public consultation process involving LEAF members, farmers, scientist, environmental organisations, governments, commercial partners and members of the public.

LEAF Marque Chairman Tom Green said:“We are committed to delivering more sustainable farming through a credible, market-based, independent, evidence-based assurance system.

“Our aim is to drive forward stronger connections between farmers, consumers and the wider supply chain. We are really proud of the changes we have made to the Standard – strengthening key areas around livestock, our global relevance, nature and landscape enhancement and soil health.

“As we look to develop new trading relationships with our EU partners and beyond, coupled with the UK government’s drive to reward farmers for the range of public goods they deliver, there is no doubt that LEAF Marque certified farmers will be in a strong position to take advantage of future opportunities.”