Pink Lady TV ad

Pink Lady is rolling out a new phase of TV advertising via broadcast and Video-on-Demand following a successful run last summer.

The advertising campaign, which will launch on Channel 4 on Friday 8 January during the Gogglebox centre break, will also appear as part of a Video-on-Demand (VoD) deal with All4 for the next four months, hitting screens as the country enters a third lockdown and watching on their own schedule.

Pink Lady reports that its first-ever foray into TV advertising from last June enjoyed a successful run. The advertising reached 23 million adults and launched the southern hemisphere season using a new creative that was amplified across all channels and further bolstered by increased retailer promotions and additional trade marketing support.

Overall, the results demonstrated a two percentage point increase in brand awareness, the brand said, taking awareness levels to 86 per cent of the UK population post-campaign. Further Kantar data has revealed that brand penetration has also seen a 3.3 percentage point increase to 37.5 per cent [Kantar, September 2020].

Wide rollout

This month's ad launches in a prime spot within the channel’s programming, and TV ads will continue to roll out across Channel 4, More 4, E4, Dave, W Channel and Alibi until Friday 22 January as part of a schedule combining a mix of drama, documentaries and lifestyle programmes. VoD ads will appear across All4 from Thursday 21 January until the end of May, targeting the brand’s core audience.

The campaign is part of an extensive media initiative to elevate brand awareness and communicate the unique eating experience of a perfect Pink Lady apple at a time when many consumers are exploring the apple category, looking for healthy snacking alternatives. The brand plans to further amplify the new television campaign with social media advertising support alongside integrated communications across PR and digital channels.

Lynn Shaw, marketing manager at Pink Lady, said: “Thanks to a successful launch last summer, we are delighted to be kick-starting the new year by hitting screens in homes across the UK this January with our TV advertising campaign. We are thankful for any opportunity where we get to bring to life the experience of eating a Pink Lady apple and we feel like this campaign really captures the sweet taste, crispy crunch and juicy boost of a Pink Lady which is so familiar to our fans.

“The advertising is enabling us to speak to our key demographic with a schedule targeting primetime at this important period for apples launching in-store. January is a great time for us to raise awareness of Pink Lady apples amongst those who are adopting healthier eating habits as part of new year’s resolutions and for the half a million Brits who are participating in Veganuary this year. Both our retailer and supply partners are welcoming this exciting phase of support for the Pink Lady brand.”