Brand highlights benefits of apples in dealing with sensory changes

Apple brand Pink Lady is launching a new campaign exploring changes to sense of smell and taste linked to the menopause.

The brand is homing in on women aged 45 and older with its new integrated campaign, which explores the science of hormonal changes at this life stage and how they can affect the senses.

Spearheaded by a survey of more than 2,000 women in the menopause transition asking about their experience of changes to sense of smell and taste, changing dietary habits and appetite for different food, the campaign sees Pink Lady collaborating with registered nutritionist and women’s health specialist Emma Bardwell.

Bardwell is a health writer specialising in perimenopause and menopause and is the author of The Perimenopause Solution.

The research found that more than one in three women experience sensory changes and that 91 per cent of those surveyed were unaware of the changes it would bring to their sense of taste and smell.

Some 46 per cent reported a change in smell and 42 per cent noticed a change in taste. The survey found that one in three menopausal women have changed their diets based on taste and 64 per cent of the respondents said they desired more sweet food since entering the menopause transition.

Driving brand affinity

The new campaign, co-ordinated by Leeds-based creative communications consultancy MCG Agency, will consist of media relations, video content creation, podcast sponsorship and influencer collaborations as well as social media and eCRM to Pink Lady’s subscriber database, with all touchpoints “aiming to drive brand affinity whilst encouraging trial amongst shoppers yet to buy into the brand”.

Bardwell said: “Lower levels of oestrogen during the menopause transition are associated with changes in oral health. Oestrogen is linked with saliva production, so when hormone levels drop, women can find their mouths become drier. And because saliva is important for stimulating taste buds, having a dry mouth can affect the taste of foods.

“There are several reasons that Pink Lady apples can be a great addition to a menopausal diet. They’re juicy which can stimulate saliva production and they’re sweet which can help the 64 per cent of people who said they desired more sweet food since entering the menopause transition.

“Apples also contain phytoestrogens, naturally occurring plant compounds that are structurally and functionally similar to oestrogen and therefore may help manage symptoms linked to lack of oestrogen. Eating foods high in phytoestrogens may be beneficial for some menopause symptom sufferers.”

Lynn Shaw, senior marketing and communications manager for Pink Lady UK, added: “We wanted to discover more about the link between our senses and the menopause and our findings go to show that we need to open up these conversations about lesser-known symptoms and the lived experiences of so many people going through the menopause. 

“Our brand is all about celebrating moments of joy and enjoyment of food is central to this. Whilst many of those experiencing menopause find their senses changing, this doesn’t have to be a negative. It’s all about educating ourselves and finding ways to adapt to this new stage of life which is something to be celebrated rather than cloaked in secrecy or discomfort.”