Retailer to give away wonky carrots in the run-up to Christmas to reduce waste and boost recognition of the range

Morrisons is giving away carrots at all its stores to “ensure Father Christmas’s reindeer are well fed to help deliver presents in time for Christmas”.

The retailer said over 175,000 wonky carrots will be given away to children in Morrisons stores nationwide on 22 and 23 December. 

Star of the Morrisons Christmas ad, Farmer Christmas, has “hand-delivered over 29 tonnes of wonky carrots on his glowing, festive tractor” for children to pick up for free and leave out on Christmas Eve, according to the supermarket. 

British wonky carrots that are oversized or misshapen but still good to eat will be available in all 498 stores for customers to pick-up from a Morrisons Community Champion. Morrisons hopes the move will encourage families to choose wonky veg more often to reduce waste, as this produce would have otherwise been discarded.

Senior carrot buyer Andy Todd noted that carrot sales increase by 130% during the week before Christmas compared to previous weeks. “Christmas is a magical time of year and we want to help our customers celebrate in any way we can,” he said. ”Our delicious Wonky carrots are hugely popular as they help our British farmers reduce waste and are a cheaper alternative for customers. We only hope the reindeer enjoy them as much as our customers do!”