Latest Proseal tray-sealing solution launched in US and UK


Proseal’s XTRs tray-sealing machine launched last week

JBT’s Proseal, a global manufacturer of tray-sealing and case-packing equipment, last week (11 September) announced the launch of its new XTRs entry level heat-sealing machine.

Proseal’s XTRs is the successor to its GTR tray sealing machine, its so-called ’workhorse’ of the food production industry. The XTRs machine is a new semi-automatic, two-station rotary-table, capable of sealing 30 packs per minute with a two-impression tool without the need for compressed air.

The plug-and-play solution is easily operated, featuring a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) that offers multi-language settings, as well as diagnostics and alerts that are automatically recorded to an audit trail, Proseal said.

The HMI also allows for recipe driven product change and an automatic tool lock. The XTRs’ all-electric sealing capability enables a more consistent and efficient seal force. This reduces energy usage and total cost of ownership for the user.

The machine, which has been re-designed to meet the demands of today’s food production industry, offers users tool loading from the front of the machine, simplifying tool change over, and is compatible with legacy GTR tooling, according to Proseal.

“The XTRs represents the latest rendition of our industry-leading tray sealing technology, and we’re proud to unveil this expansive solution for our customers,” said Jon Garner, Proseal President. “Proseal’s fundamental principles include quality, service, accuracy, and quick responsiveness to our customers’ needs. Building upon the capabilities of the GTR, the new XTRs is more sustainable and efficient while offering users compatibility to the tools they have come to utilize every day.” 

The XTRs features an open and hygienic design allowing for ease of maintenance and cleaning. The quick-release tooling enables the user to switch from one tray size to another in less than five minutes.

The machine has PLC-based temperature control system and is fully portable with an automatic film feed. Optional features include the ability to run printed films, and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) via its efficient gas flushing system that enables extended shelf life. 

The XTRs were unveiled not only at the Pack Expo exhibition in Las Vegas on 11-13 September, but also at Proseal UK’s open day at its global headquarters in Cheshire on 14 September.

Proseal is part of the JBT Corporation family, a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing industry.