Coregeo and Hochfeld are working together to grow the pink-fleshed Sunburst apple brand

Fresh produce brand marketing specialist Coregeo has announced a partnership with fruit importer Hochfeld to grow and develop the Sunburst apple variety as a brand.

Sunburst apple UK Coregeo Hochfeld

The partnership will see Coregeo, the master licensor of UK fresh produce brand Pink Lady apples, develop the brand and market it, as well as manage quality compliance and licensee management.

Hochfeld, which retains varietal ownership rights, will grow, import and sell the apple, which is described as a ”totally unique and delicious pink-fleshed apple”.

”The tropical taste profile, paired with the visually stimulating flesh, is what elevates this apple within the category,” the groups stated.

“Painstakingly developed using natural crossbreeding techniques over a period of 20 years at East Malling Research facility, the finest eating qualities of English heritage apples have been crossed with the health benefits of a wild pink apple from the mountains of Central Asia.”

Peter Durose, managing director of Coregeo said: “Consumers are always looking for something new, but varieties take years to make it to the supermarket shelves. We’re excited that Sunburst is now ready to scale up.

”With Coregeo’s experience in developing and managing the UK’s number one and two fresh produce brands, as well developing brands in markets across the world, we know this delicious apple will be a hit amongst consumers worldwide,” he outlined.

An orchard walk will take place on 16 September at NIAB East Malling, the UK’s largest horticultural research and development organisation, to showcase Sunburst and meet with potential growers.

Members of the Hochfeld and Coregeo teams together with lead agronomist for the brand John Clark, will be available on the day.

“There is huge demand for homegrown fruit, and we already have considerable interest from retailers,” said Alan Guindi, managing director of Hochfeld.

”Now is the time to invest in healthy, locally grown produce,” he added. ”However, we understand the demand for new and interesting fruit is a global one and want to develop those opportunities as well.”