Truckers tuck into Chantenay for the Freshgro study

Carrot grower and marketeer Freshgro has unveiled an innovative research project working with lorry drivers to find out more about their snacking habits.

Freshgro – the co-operative renowned for reintroducing Chantenay carrots to the UK market – is campaigning for a greater choice of healthy snack options for consumers who are on the go.

As part of this campaign, the co-op is joining forces with Pall-Ex, the European palletised freight network, to survey more than 300 of the firm's drivers. Many of the firm's drivers spend dozens of hours a day on the road.

Freshgro's Martin Evans said: “All the evidence shows we are fast becoming a nation of snackers but it’s essential that we start delivering a broader range of healthy options for consumers who are on the go.”

Service stations and convenience stores are traditionally maligned for offering too limited a number of healthy snacks.Evans added: “This is a unique opportunity to find out what snacks are consumed, where from and importantly what drivers really want. We hope the results of this research may also go some way to encouraging truck drivers to think about their eating habits.”

Last month Freshgro launched new Chantenay Snack Packs as part of a move towards greater choice of healthy options for people on the move.

Adrian Russell, managing director at Pall-Ex, said: “As a network, we’re well known for looking after our members and their drivers.

“We’ve run a number of incentives for drivers over the years, but handing out carrots is certainly a first. We look forward to viewing the results of the survey and seeing if there is anything else we can do to meet the needs of our drivers.”