Waitrose Sunburst apples

Sunburst apples are on sale at Waitrose 

Waitrose has launched a new British-grown orange-skinned apple that it is promoting as part of its seasonal Halloween product range.

Named Sunburst and grown in Kent, the new apple is being marketed as ‘perfect for Halloween’ as its orange-skin and red flesh is reminiscent of a pumpkin.

It is described as tangy, with a similar taste to a fruit salad chewy sweet.

Waitrose Apple buyer Greg Sehringer said: 'Our British-grown 'pumpkin apples' are the perfect treat for little ghouls and ghosts on Halloween.

“Looking just like mini pumpkins, these apples will surprise anyone on Halloween with their hidden red flesh. Perfect for tricking apple bobbers.”

Waitrose Seasonal Sunburst apples are available for limited time at £2.50 for a pack of four.