Australian avocado brand engages chef Mark Best to provide consumers with new eating tips

Delroy Orchards Farm Manager Suzie Delroy and chef Mark Best

Delroy Orchards farm manager Suzie Delroy and chef Mark Best

Delcado has engaged Australian chef Mark best to develop tasting notes and a bespoke flavour for the upcoming West Australian avocado season.

The new tasting tools are set to give consumers a new appreciation for the slow-grown avocados supplied by Delroy Orchards in Pemberton.

Delroy Orchards farm manager Suzie Delroy said that for 30 years her family has been perfecting the slow growing process which was used to nurture Delcados. In anticipation of this season, Best was invited to the orchards to develop the tasting tools applying the same principles used for tasting wine or coffee. These can be used by consumers to pinpoint the fruit’s distinctive taste, aroma and texture.

“The ideal climate here in Pemberton allows us to leave our Delcados on the trees for almost twice as long as other avocados”, said Delroy.

“The slow-growing provides time for the natural oils in the fruit to mature and for the Delcado to soak in the goodness from the rich Karri loam soil and pristine surrounds. Nothing tastes like them.

Best said the tools could be used by consumers to incorporate avocados new and interesting recepies.

“By decoding the complex flavour profile of a Delcado you can up your avocado repertoire, beyond smashed avo on toast. This allows me to make delicious and unusual ingredient pairings like locally grown apples, honey, truffles or wild caught marron,” said Best.

Delroy said Delcado avocados will be back on supermarket shelves from mid-October but a smaller crop will see them gone from shelves by the end of January.

“After last year’s bumper crop, this season will be a smaller season. We’re expecting to hand-pick around 27m Delcados, that’s enough to satisfy everyone’s Delcado cravings through the Christmas break and for most of the summer,” she noted.

Delcado’s money-back guarantee will be returning this season with Delroy confident in the quality of her product.

“By consistently providing a better avocado and guaranteeing the quality of our fruit, we hope it reduces the need for shoppers to excessively thumb test in-store,” said Delroy.