Au Sean Croft Arahura Farms

Sean Croft, Arahura Farms

As summer fades and Australians leave behind outdoor barbeques, one grower has found a unique market for his beetroots beyond burgers and salads.

Sean Croft, an organic beetroot farmer at Arahura Farms in Victoria, has begun shipping beetroot to the United Arab Emirates.

The Victoria-based grower is supplying the Crown Prince of Dubai with organic beetroot to feed his racehorses.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Croft said he is excited about this business opportunity and is already planning on increasing production on the farm.

“It is hard for growers to expand their businesses solely through the domestic market, so looking abroad to export markets is an important opportunity for growers and the industry to increase profitability,” said Croft.

“Importers and consumers in these markets have increasing levels of disposable income, and are demanding high quality vegetables. Aussie produce has a strong reputation, and Australian growers are in a prime position to send their produce to these countries.”

Michael Coote, national manager of export development at industry body Ausveg said that the first shipment of beetroot left Australia last week.

“This business deal was initiated during a recent levy-funded export mission to the World of Perishables trade show in Dubai, where Australian vegetable growers showcased their high quality produce to Middle Eastern and Asian buyers,” Coote said.