The Spring issue of Produce Plus is out now, featuring an exclusive interview with Fresh Markets Australia’s James Patrick.

Patrick is the national program manager of ‘A better choice!’, whose marketing team won the 2021 PMA-Produce Plus Marketer of the Year Award (MOYA) for its Shop&Win campaign.

Patrick explains how the campaign forms a key part of the ‘A better choice!’ programme mission to secure a prosperous future for Australia’s independent retail sector and central markets system.

“Independent retailers are such a large and important part of the history of this great industry, and when they prosper, it benefits growers all across Australia,” he tells Produce Plus.

Key categories

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Tomatoes returned to the top of the rankings in the 2021 Produce Plus-NielsenIQ Top 20 Products, and category leaders explain why tomatoes are performing so well.

Perfection Fresh recently entered the banana category with its acquisition of Pacific Coast Produce Marketing. Perfection Fresh CEO Michael Simonetta and banana category manager Chaise Pensini discuss the company’s plans to add value to the category and excite Australian consumers with new varieties. Plus, we report on the recovery effort from Cyclone Niran in Far North Queensland.

Consolidation continues in the Australasian business, and Produce Plus Spring focuses on some major recent developments. We report on Costa’s acquisition of 2PH Farms, while managing director of Montague, Scott Montague, explains the company’s move into table grapes and citrus.

In addition to our coverage from across multiple categories, we spotlight a range of innovative technology solutions for the industry, including New Zealand SaaS company Hectre, which is providing orchard management and early fruit sizing tools for the fresh produce industry.

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