WAC - Washington Apple

The Washington Apple Commission, the industry marketing arm for international promotions, has updated its website to create what it has called a modern and visually striking “one-stop-shop” for all things Washington apple – from the newest varieties to delicious new recipes.

The new website will be the go-to resource for consumers to learn more about apples. “Whether someone is looking for the sweetest apple available in January or the best red baking apple, with just a few clicks on the new apple variety page users will quickly find the answer they are looking for,” the Commission said in a statement.

Enhancing the apple variety page also resulted in a complete overhaul of the apple recipe portal. With completely new recipes, videos and photography, this recipe index reflects a delightful experience that will locate the right recipe for anyone’s taste buds.

Another focus of the website is the extensive history of Washington apple growing in the state. The new site highlights the faces behind the industry and shares their stories and brings these to life with insightful and specifically designed pages.

“We are thrilled to release a website that reflects the quality of our brand and authentically represents our growers,” said Rebecca Lyons, international marketing director for the Washington Apple Commission.

“The site is available in eight different languages besides English, so consumers in the US and international markets have the opportunity to learn more about Washington apples and the dedication and care that makes them “Grown with Goodness.”