WayBeyond launches FarmRoad Mobile

WayBeyond has launched of FarmRoad Mobile, a new mobile app that makes crop data capture faster and easier, particularly for onsite scouting of pests and pathogens.

Sophie Stanley, WayBeyond’s head of global markets said the app would help support growers on their digital journey.

“There are currently relatively few digital products on the market which assist growers with data collection, consequently there remains much manual use of clipboards, pens and spreadsheets in the industry,” said Stanley.

“By creating FarmRoad Mobile we solve a key pain point for growers – the length of time it takes and the manner in which they record crop data. With farm managers wrestling with staff shortages due to Covid and other factors, optimising available staff time is key. By speeding up and simplifying on-farm data capture, the app provides a viable alternative to traditional methods.”

Pest and disease detection is a key component of FarmRoad Mobile due to the need for swift action once detected in the growing environment. Director of crop science and agronomy Tharindu Weeraratne noted that a fast response is essential when it comes to reducing the spread of disease.

“Diseases like ToBRFV (Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus) or Botrytis can move incredibly fast and decimate crops. The sooner action can be taken to remove infected plants or set up a control regime, the better the chances are of minimising financial losses,” said Weeraratne.

“Being able to share photos is essential, particularly if you have less experienced workers who may not recognise the early stages of pathogen spread. Using the app means scouting staff can take photos, comment and share with their team to get feedback on next steps.

“All actions are captured on the FarmRoad platform and positively impacts the quality of yield. The saying ‘time is money’ is absolutely accurate when you’re looking at crop pests and disease.”