Sophie Stanley waybeyond

WayBeyond has appointed Sophie Stanley as its new head of global markets, a role that involves developing the New Zealand-based technology company’s customer base.

Darryn Keiller, chief executive of WayBeyond said Stanley had already made a valuable contribution at Autogrow, the company WayBeyond emerged from in January 2021.

“Sophie has created fantastic opportunities for our business and it’s great to have someone with such a strong industry background in a pivotal and important role,” said Keiller.

“In addition to her leadership of our global market growth strategy and working directly with some of the world’s largest growers, Sophie is also a valued member of our senior leadership team.

“We are delighted that she has been invited to speak (virtually) at this month’s Global Tomato Congress being held in the Netherlands. She will present on how leveraging data and an open platform can fuel drastic improvements in farm productivity and profitability. This is just the beginning of where I see Sophie going in her new role.”

Prior to this position Stanley was Autogrow’s head of product marketing and had previously been vice president of farming financial company Figured-USA.

With over seven years experience in the agricultural market Stanley said WayBeyond offered an exciting new challenge.

“I’ve always been passionate about the industry and my new role gives me the opportunity to drive our transformational technology message forward into new markets including US, Mexico, Canada, Australia and Europe,” explained Stanley.

“What we’re creating with FarmRoad and Folium are the most innovative solutions on the market and I’m incredibly proud with what we’re achieving towards our vision of sustainable crop production.”