Crop management software expands offering to make agronomy data more accessible for low- to mid-tech growers 

WayBeyond, a specialist in digital agronomy solutions for protected cropping has shifted its brand identity and strategic focus aiming to empower growers and seed producers with innovative technology and insights for enhanced crop management.  

WayBeyond champion badge card

New branding for WayBeyond 

The brand evolution emphasises the company’s commitment to making agronomy data accessible, timely, and actionable for all, focusing on low- to mid-tech growers to improve food security and promote sustainable practices.  

Darryn Keiller, founder and chief executive officer of WayBeyond shared his enthusiasm about the brand’s development. 

“Growers play some of the most critical roles in our food supply chain,” he said. “Our aim with this evolution is not merely to provide tools but to fundamentally transform how crops are managed, making growers’ work more profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable.” 

WayBeyond’s crop management software, FarmRoad has already been used by some of the world’s horticulture leaders including, Bayer Crop Science, Perfection Fresh and Azura Group. The software leverages a leading sensor network, AI, and plant science expertise to unify farm data, manage plant health, and maximise yield. 

It provides growers with a clearer picture of their growing environments, plant health, and pest and disease outbreaks, enabling them to respond to daily farm challenges with certainty. 

WayBeyond’s solutions now cater to seed producers and large-scale growers by offering enhanced customer engagement, local support, and agronomy services to ensure growers can fully benefit from the digital solution.  

“Modern crop management extends beyond yield; it’s about the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural practices,” Keiller said.  

“WayBeyond is leading this revolution, providing the agronomy insights growers need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.”