Zespri - Taken by Liam

Zespri is promoting the importance of eating well, exercising and taking care of the environment to over 20,000 students across New Zealand.

Over 750 classrooms from 250 primary and intermediate schools will participate in the five-week Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure.

Students earn points for simple healthy habits like drinking more water, eating fruit and vegetables and minimising screen time. The points will help them travel to eleven different locations across the globe with their classmates via a virtual programme.

“The Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure is designed to support children to create their best health and wellbeing every day, and influence their families to get involved too,” said Kim Harvey, founder of the Young and Healthy Charitable Trust and Virtual Adventure.

“Research shows us the foundations of good health are formed in the first 10 years of a child’s life, so it’s really important we find ways to engage children so they understand and notice for themselves what it feels like when they make healthy choices.”

Zespri chief executive, Dan Mathieson, said the kiwifruit marketer is proud to support the programme and the benefits it’s set to bring to children and their families nationwide.

“The Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure is Zespri’s first nationwide community investment programme and we’re thrilled to help encourage 20,000 children to look after their physical and mental health and wellbeing for life,” said Mathieson.

“It encourages and empowers our youngest New Zealanders to embrace their health and wellbeing and introduces important issues like sustainability and biosecurity, which are critical to our industry and reflect values that are at the core of Zespri’s identity.”

Mathieson said the Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure reflects Zespri’s purpose of helping people, communities and the environment thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit.

“We know that as our industry grows, so too must the contributions we make, and the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual adventure helps us to play our part in supporting our communities,” Mathieson added.

“It’s also important that we continually invest in the skills, leadership and wellbeing of our next generation, and promote the importance of looking after our people and the land, and we think the adventure provides a fun and engaging platform to get kids thinking about healthy eating and healthy action.'

The Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure begins on 20 October and concludes on 24 November.

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