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Bostock set for strong onion crop

New Zealand crop responding well to sunshine, with Hawke’s Bay-based company optimistic heading into season

Bostock set for strong onion crop

John Bostock

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Favourable growing conditions and upgrades to its post-harvest infrastructure have Bostock New Zealand well positioned heading into the 2017 onion season.

The company has invested heavily in packhouse and harvest technology and is excited about gearing-up the new equipment for the season ahead.

“Our new automated bagging machines ensure more accuracy and efficiency and response time. If the orders are late we can respond quickly and still meet those orders,” Bostock New Zealand director David Brasell said.

“The technology also enables us to provide a range of bag sizes including 10, 15, 20 and 25kg bags according to customer preference.”

After a cool, wet spring in Hawke’s Bay, Brasell said the onions are responding well to the arrival of warmer weather, with the company set to meet target dates and volumes for the season.

“We have a positive outlook leading into summer. It is currently a key time for the onions, especially with leaf and bulb development,” he added.

Bostock New Zealand owner John Bostock said the company was focused on growing a premium storage onion and had a strong focus on traceability.

“At Bostock New Zealand traceability is extremely important, our technology enables us to trace each field, each harvest date, each packing date, so we know exactly where every bag of onions shipped to our customers comes from,” Bostock explained.

“Bostock New Zealand has economies of scale so we are able to reduce our costs and employ the latest technologies to deliver the consumer a good quality onion at an affordable price.”

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