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Publishers merge to form Fruitnet Media International

Market Intelligence, publisher of Eurofruit, Asiafruit, FPJ and Produce Plus, has merged with Wolf Media, which publishes Fruchthandel

Publishers merge to form Fruitnet Media International

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Two of the world’s leading fresh produce business publishers have come together to form a new group of companies that is even better equipped to take advantage of new opportunities in print and digital media, as well as in business conferences and trade fair organisation throughout the world.

Market Intelligence Limited, the London-based publisher of trade magazines Eurofruit, Asiafruit, the Fresh Produce Journal, Produce Plus and the industry website, has merged with Dr Rolf M Wolf Media GmbH, the Düsseldorf-based publisher of Fruchthandel Magazine.

The new parent company is called Fruitnet Media International GmbH and has offices in Germany, the UK, Spain, and Australia as well as official representations in many of the most important fresh produce exporting countries worldwide.

With ten different trade publications and online news services covering all five continents, trade conferences held in nine different countries this year, and exclusive co-operation agreements with three of the most important international fresh produce trade exhibitions, the group’s business interests and activities are wide reaching. The new organisation has combined annual sales of approximately €6.0m and employs around 50 full-time staff.

“It has long been my ambition to bring our companies together,” explained Günter Schweinsberg, chairman of Wolf Media and co-founder of Market Intelligence. “The merger pools the resources of two of the largest fresh produce media companies with access to an international network of representatives and correspondents. It means a better service for our customers and gives us the opportunity to develop our existing business interests in Europe and Asia and Oceania.”

Fruitnet Media International GmbH is managed by Ulrike Niggemann and Robert Broadfoot, currently managing directors of Wolf Media, and by Chris White, managing director of Market Intelligence. The combined management team now jointly manages the various companies within the group and is focusing on new opportunities in print and digital media, and business conferencing in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Chris White and Robert Broadfoot have been with their organisations since 1987, while Ulrike Niggemann joined in 2010.

“These are exciting times, with the growth of Asia driving change in all of the world’s consumer markets, and in turn changing the shape of the fresh produce business,” said Chris White. “By combining forces, we can focus on delivering the best news, information and advertising solutions to our customers all over the world as well as providing an unbeatable networking platform through our national and international conferences and trade fair alliances.”

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