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Australian Bananas launches new TV ad

Purposeful energy is at the centre of Australian Bananas new TV ad campaign ‘nature’s non-stop energy snack’

Australian Bananas launches new TV ad

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Australian Bananas has revamped the iconic ‘Make Your Bodies Sing’ jingle and launched a new TV ad campaign that positions the banana as the perfect one handed re-fuel snack for long lasting energy.

Built around the messaging of ‘purposeful energy’, Australian Bananas launched the 15 second and 30 second ad campaign at the weekend, rolling it out across major metropolitan and regional television station, as well as some Pay TV stations.

The campaign will also be rolled out across bus shelters, shopping centres and office spaces and will feature online.

The ‘Nature’s non-stop energy snack’ builds on the long-running success of the ‘Make your bodies sing’ campaign which was launched in 1994.


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