Asiafruit Knowledge Centre is the brand-new content hub at the heart of Asia Fruit Logistica, and it’s open to every visitor and exhibitor

Asia Fruit Logistica is putting high-quality information and insights centre stage this year with the launch of Asiafruit Knowledge Centre. 

Asiafruit Congress image

Asiafruit Congress takes place on the main stage at Asiafruit Knowledge Centre

Powered by Asiafruit Magazine, Asia Fruit Logistica’s exclusive Knowledge Partner, Asiafruit Knowledge Centre brings together Asiafruit Congress, Asiafruit Business Forum and Asiafruit Showcase in one central location on the show floor. 

Across three stages over three days, expert speakers provide the best combination of strategic insights and practical takeaways for business success in Asia.

Asiafruit Congress, Asia’s premier fresh produce conference event, takes place on the main stage at Asiafruit Knowledge Centre. Thought leaders and senior executives share strategic insights on the fast-changing Asia market through a compelling mix of keynote interviews and lively panel discussions. 

Asiafruit Business Forum runs next to Asiafruit Congress with a programme of practical workshops. Specialist partners present case studies for business success in Asia, sharing best practice and applicable solutions.

Asiafruit Showcase is the stage for Asia Fruit Logistica exhibitors to present the newest technologies, products, and solutions. Exhibitors can book their presentation slot at the ready-to-speak forum.

Every day of Asiafruit Congress and Asiafruit Business Forum is themed, taking a deep dive on crucial topics shaping the industry. Day One (4 September) focuses on Consumers & Markets, Day Two (5 September) on Tech & Innovation, and Day Three (6 September) on Logistics & Trade.

Day One: Consumers & Markets

Day One of Asiafruit Congress kicks off with a look at the changing consumer landscape for fresh fruit and vegetables in Asia. How are cost-of-living and inflation pressures shaping consumption habits? How is retail changing? And what are the keys to growing demand for fresh produce?

Brand-building is also in focus, with a look at the intersection of intellectual property and branding in fresh produce. Other sessions spotlight Asia’s boom in berries and Vietnam’s rapid growth as a market for imported fruits.

Asiafruit Business Forum offers practical perspectives on Consumers & Markets on Day One. Case studies explain how the fresh produce industry can ‘make more of the health message’ and unlock new opportunities in food service. It also includes workshops on success in food retail and merchandising.

Day Two: Tech & Innovation

Day Two of Asiafruit Congress opens with a high-powered panel discussion exploring what’s next in varietal innovation. Artificial intelligence is also in focus, with a session exploring its game-changing impacts for the fresh produce business at all points in the value chain.

Asiafruit Business Forum’s Tech & Innovation Day looks at the opportunities for high-tech farming in Asia, including a session on the rise of vertical farms. Other workshops explain the critical role of sensory research in breeding winning varieties and how to protect IP brands and plant variety rights in Asia.


Workshops at Asiafruit Business Forum provide practical solutions for business success in Asia 

Day Three: Logistics & Trade

Day Three of Asiafruit Congress leads with a focus on China’s changing distribution landscape in fresh fruit and vegetables. Major players discuss landmark cold chain investments and the development of new ports of entry for imported fruits. A supplier spotlight on Egypt and Morocco highlights fresh sourcing opportunities for buyers in Asia. Asiafruit Congress wraps up with a deep dive on the evolution of the intra-Asia trade, exploring how its rapid development is likely to shape the market for global suppliers in the years to come.

Asiafruit Business Forum offers a series of workshops on Logistics & Trade on Day Three. Experts in packaging and post-harvest technology discuss the latest innovations to extend the shelf-life and market reach of products. The programme also spotlights new port investments that are set to facilitate the fresh produce trade into Asia. Plus, it looks at the latest tech advances for cold chain logistics, from real-time monitoring to modified-atmosphere technologies.

Asiafruit Business Forum includes daily Chinese-language sessions hosted by Asiafruit China, taking place at 12:00pm each day. All sessions at Asiafruit Knowledge Centre also include simultaneous English-Chinese translation.

Asia Fruit Awards: celebrating the best in the business 

The Asia Fruit Awards, the premier annual awards celebrating excellence in Asia’s fresh fruit and vegetable business, are presented at Asiafruit Congress.

The Asia Fruit Awards are given in four categories – Marketing Campaign of the Year, Importer of the Year, Produce Retailer of the Year, and the Impact Award.

The winners are selected by Asia Fruit Logistica and Asiafruit Magazine to recognise outstanding achievement across Asia’s fruit and vegetable business. Companies and organisations are welcome to bring their campaigns and successes to the attention of the judges. Contact Asiafruit Magazine editor John Hey for more info:


Rockit takes out Marketing Campaign of the Year at the Asia Fruit Awards 2023 

Asia Fruit Logistica visitors and exhibitors enjoy full access to the Asiafruit Knowledge Centre and Asia Fruit Awards presentation. Visitors can purchase tickets to Asia Fruit Logistica online now to save up to 40 per cent on the onsite rate. Tickets are available at the online ticket shop.

For more information on Asiafruit Knowledge Centre, including sponsorship opportunities and the full agenda, visit the website.