Partnership will use Crispr gene editing application to enhance Vitamin D3 in tomatoes  

Foto signing ceremony

Bayer AG and G+Flas partner to develop enhanced tomatoes

G+Flas Life Sciences and Bayer AG have signed a letter of intent (LOI)  to collaborate on the development of novel Crispr genome-edited tomato varieties that are nutritionally enhanced with vitamin D3.  

Bayer AG is a leading player in the global vegetable seeds business, selling tomato varieties under the De Ruiter and Seminis brands. G+Flas Life Sciences is a Korean biotech company that specialises in developing Crispr genome editing technology and applications.  

“This LOI underscores the shared interest of G+FLAS and Bayer AG in developing tomato seeds that not only meet high commercial standards but also incorporate cutting-edge genetic traits through G+Flas’s Crispr genome editing technology,” said Anne Williams, head of protected culture at Bayer’s vegetable seeds business. 

“Using the precision of gene editing to unlock enhanced nutrition supports healthy eating for families around the world and continues the rich legacy of innovation in plant breeding so firmly rooted here”. 

“Vitamin D deficiency is a widespread issue globally,” added Sunghwa Choe, chief executive of G+Flas. “Seeds that are developed through this prospective collaboration are envisaged to address global challenges, offering health benefits and resilience to changing climates.” 

Choe also said the prospective collaboration would extend to future research and development of commercial varieties of the enhanced tomato seeds for broad distribution.