The breeder will showcase Malaika, Zawadi and Baridi at Fruit Logistica

Advanced Berry Breeding (ABB) has launched three new raspberry varieties, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to innovation in raspberry breeding.

ABB Malaika

ABB describes Malaika as the crown jewel of its raspberry breeding programme

The three varieties – the premium Malaika, as well as Zawadi and Baridi – offer a spectrum of flavours and qualities to meet the diverse needs of the market. The Dutch breeder will showcase the trio at next month’s Fruit Logistica tradeshow in Berlin.

Malaika (formerly ABB135) is the crown jewel of ABB’s raspberry breeding programme. “Malaika is the premium choice for growers who aim for the apex of quality. It stands out for its exceptional firmness, vibrant flavour and features a high-end clamshell presentation that ensures no leakage,” ABB said.

“Moreover, Malaika boasts an extended shelf-life of an additional 3 to 4 days compared to any other ABB variety and is also easy to pick. It is the variety for growers focused on premium markets, looking to double their sales potential.”

Zawadi (formerly ABB136) has been developed to advance raspberry production with efficiency and versatility, ABB said. “Growers can expect robust, resilient plants and high-yielding harvest, while saving on plant material. This is a cost-effective raspberry breeding solution for large-scale production.”

Finally, Baridi (formerly ABB132) is a variety tailored to the unique demands of winter cultivation. The breeder described it as a “game-changer” as it requires no chill to thrive, it has no sensitivity to the cold, and it bypasses the need for dormancy.

“In the past eight years, we have witnessed the global fresh raspberry market nearly double in size, transforming an acreage race into a more mature, professionalised sector,” said Hubert Gadret, ABB’s CEO. “As the market continues to evolve and margins become more competitive, the need for innovation becomes paramount.”

ABB said it hopes the new varieties will set a new standard in the raspberry breeding industry.

“The overwhelmingly positive feedback from growers worldwide has reinforced our belief that we are unveiling these innovations at the right time and place. This is a pivotal moment for us and the industry,” Gadret commented.

The addition of these three varieties to ABB’s raspberry portfolio allows growers to achieve year-round production, which is a vital factor in today’s dynamic raspberry industry.

“Our breeding programme focuses not only on superior quality and resilience of the raspberries but also on the adaptability to various growing seasons and locations,” said Gadret.

For example, in the Huelva-Algarve region of southern Europe, known for its Mediterranean climate, ABB’s varieties have been key in enabling continuous raspberry production throughout the year – taking full advantage of the mild winters and warm summers.

“This demonstrates how ABB’s innovative breeding techniques and strategic planning are reshaping the raspberry industry, offering diverse and profitable raspberry breeding solutions that empower growers everywhere to elevate raspberry production,” the company said