Agrexco sharon

Israeli exporter Agrexco has announced that it has commenced exports of its Carmel BioTop organic Sharonfruit.

According to product manager Eitan Kurant, exports will continue until January 2011, the majority heading to Europe and North America.

The company has also just started exporting cherry vine tomatoes, which available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and packaging.

This season's main variety is Shiran, according to Agrexco, while the premium variety is the medium-sized Tropical, characterised by its red skin, sweet taste and longer shelf life.

Meanwhile, Agrexco’s Sweet Bite pepper, which is grown exclusively by Sulat, is reportedly on its way to supermarket chains in the Netherlands, Austria and Scandinavia.

The variety is popular with children because of its sweetness (Brix of 9-11), small size and rich orange colour.

“Sweet Bite is grown in optimal conditions, in temperature-controlled greenhouses, protected by Bio-Bee procedures,” Agrexco stated. “Continuous supply of the produce to meet worldwide clients’ demand is assured thanks to heating/cooling techniques which enable early planting and continuous crop-picking throughout the winter.”