Company extends its production further south to secure new supply of products including Calabrian clementines and Ondine flat peaches

Osas stonefruit blossom Agrintesa

Osas members farm over 1,000ha in the Piana di Sibari

Agrintesa has extended its supply base in the south of Italy with the acquisition of Calabrian fruit specialist Osas.

The takeover, which comes into effect at the start of June 2024, extends the Italian group’s total fruit production area to 9,300ha, alongside its 500ha of vegetable production and 7,300ha of vineyards.

“This merger allows us to extend our production calendar further and, at the same time, to protect ourselves from climate risk, and offer better service to our retail partners,” comments Agrintesa president Aristide Castellari.

Founded in 1962, today Osas’ member growers operate more than 1,000ha in the Piana di Sibari. The group specialises in stonefruit production, including peaches, nectarines, and apricots, as well as several hectares of the branded flat peach variety Ondine. It also produces soft citrus – notably PGI-certified Calabrian clementines – oranges, kiwifruit, and persimmons.

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Since 2017, Osas has marketed its products through a company called Campoverde, which has then sold them to Agrintesa’s associated marketing companies Alegra, Brio and Valfrutta Fresco.

“This deal strengthens Agrintesa significantly,” says the group’s general director Cristian Moretti. “Our cooperative has always believed in consolidation and, while retaining its roots in Emilia-Romagna, is diversifying its production areas with a greater presence in regions that are strongly suited to fruit and veg production.”

He adds: “It’s a move based on important synergies between members, cooperatives and territories that enabels us to pursue our mission: to respond efficiently and consistently to our member growers and our customers, while creating continuity in the fruit and vegetable supply chain that we represent. This merger goes exactly in this direction.”