Kerim Taner

Alara's Kerim Taner

Turkish exporter Alara is anticipating a large increase in fig exports, thanks to favourable weather conditions during the winter and spring, which have extended the season and therefore substantially boosted production.

“This season,” says chief executive Kerim Taner, “we aim to export close to 3,000tonnes of figs, 20 per cent higher than our regular annual volume. Wesupply the German, French, Benelux, Swiss and UK markets and arecurrently developing some new markets.”

Demand for Alara’s figsis increasing, Mr Taner continues, thanks to the company’s ability todifferentiate its product, with regards to packaging, branding andsustainable quality. Also responsible is increasing consumerawareness, due in part to retailers’ ability to stock figs all yearround by sourcing from various origins.